Adding data to existing survey via CSV upload

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Hi, we have a live survey, but our client has also sent some data in an Excel spreadsheet.


So, I will map their data to the correct format so that it matches the live survey in surveygizmo, and plan to upload it.


But I need to be sure that this will append to the existing (and ongoing) responses in the survey.


Therefore, does uploading responses to a live and ongoing survey with existing responses (and more to come) result in any risk of overwriting or deleting or otherwise messing up the existing data? Or will the extra uploaded responses simply be added to the existing responses?





sg answered
    sg 14 Rep.

    Thanks guys – very helpful!

    sg answered

      Here is the documentation to supplement what Jim was referring to (in case you haven’t seen this already):

      One thing that I will add:

      Since you do not want to overwrite data, make sure you DO NOT check ‘match on response ID’.


      Dominic Sharpe answered

        Your existing response data is safe.  The response import process appends data – it does not overwrite.

        We do imports frequently.  We have several online course evaluations, but we always get a few evaluations that come in on paper.  We transcribe the responses from the hardcopies into a csv file and add them to the existing response database.

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