I added more options to one of my responses but they don’t show up in the report


I started testing a simple survey last week and discovered I had to add a few more options to several of the questions. The options show up when taking the survey but don’t show up when I run a report. How do I get them onto the report? 

kevin answered

    Thanks for your suggestions, Dominic.  

    I didn’t want to create a second survey as the first one has 12 responses that I didn’t want to lose, however, I will probably proceed in that direction as this needs to go out soon.

    To answer your question, I deleted the existing reports except the first one which doesn’t want to go away (tried three times).  When I created a new, second report, the new information was still missing.

    I basically inserted several more options into a Radio Button question type and also renamed one of the entries.  There were three options and I renamed the second and inserted two more after the first two, moving the third down to the fifth position. 

    In the report, the first one and the second, renamed one show up and the fifth one, a write-in, is now showing in the third position on the report.  It appears that the report has retained the contents of the new options but is only displaying three option slots from before the edit (there should be five total).

    Thanks for any additional insight you can provide!

    kevin answered

      The first troubleshooting step that I would try (if you haven’t already) is to create a brand new report – in case the original report is just presenting the version of the survey that was there when the report was created. (You may need to delete you original report before creating a new report).

      If that doesn’t do it, I’d be curious about what kind of questions you have added more options to in case it’s something specific to the question type.

      I hope this helps!

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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