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Hey guys,

I am doing a quizz to see how much of a lifestyle business you have. 

All my questions are on a 1-10 scale. Is it possible to do a calculation at the end that ads up the score?

Also, I would like to add a nice graph to the report (that goes to the survey taker). How do I do that?


oskarandermo388345 asked

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    Hi Oskar,

    The Quiz Score action (in “Tally” mode) sounds like it would handle the calculation you are looking for wonderfully 🙂 Here’s a video tutorial to help you get started:


    For the second part of your question, what report specifically are you referring to? A PDF attachment to an Email Action, or a Review action? Also, would you mind describing the graph that you are looking for? What data is it representing, and how?

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered

      Hi Nathan,

      So next is the graph I want to add. Ideally it would be like this picture. I have 2 variables so the fist axis should be the first 4 questions and the second axis should be the second variable so you end up in on one spot. You think this is possible? How? 

      oskarandermo388345 answered

        Ok I solved the problem. I had picked number questions and I understand it has to be other types of questions if I want to use the tally mode. 

        oskarandermo388345 answered
          • Ahh, that makes sense – “Textbox” type questions do not work with the Quiz Score action. I’m sorry for the confusion and glad you’ve figured it out!


          HI Nathan, 

          Thanks for your reply. 

          So I did as per the video – I added a page with the action quiz. However, there is no place to add what questions should tally up? 

          In the tutorial it says: “Set values for each answer. You can assign both positive or negative values in your answer key. Tally quiz scores work best with whole numbers. If you use decimals be sure to make sure that your ranges are inclusive e.g. if you are using 2 decimal places then your ranges should too!”

          I have number questions 1-10 so no need to set values. But how do I get them to tally up? It says “set values for each answer in the following pages” and “select a page to edit answers” but no place to do it? 

          oskarandermo388345 answered


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