How can I add a text field after a completed quiz to ask for and submit an email to another email?


How can I add a field after a completed quiz for the respondent to provide an email address that will be sent to our company?

Dominic Sharpe answered

    If needing to collect an email address, you would just need to add a question to any page that is not the Thank You page.

    There is an email question type available:

    Regarding having the email address by ‘sent’ to your company, I’m not sure if I follow. Feel free to clarify further!

    Connie Viglian commented
      • We want to collect the participants’ email addresses on the back end (like how a form works) but we wanted to gather that information after they finish the quiz. I guess that’s not possible based on your response. If you know how to achieve the¬†email gathering, then that would be great. Thanks!

        We also want to have a final score displayed to the participants after they finish the quiz. Is there an algorithm that figures out the percentage based on number of questions answered correctly? They are multiple choice radio button questions, so I chose Pass/Fail instead of Tally. There is only 1 correct answer per question. This is such a common feature, it seems odd that it’s so counter-intuitive to achieve.



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