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I’m planning to import a new survey from a text document. I want to include as many of the settings as I can in the text document so I don’t have to set them by hand, one question at a time. (The survey has over 100 questions, so editing them by hand is time-consuming and leads to errors. My text document will be generated programatically from a spreadsheet.) I see that I can set reporting values this way. Is it possible to also set question IDs or aliases from the text document? 

kristin.gagnier asked

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    Hi Kristen,


    I’ve tried the import from Word feature before and although it can be very handy for simple surveys it does have some limitations.


    Unfortunately, question ID’s and aliases can not be set in a text document import.

    Click here to see everything that is supported from the SurveyGizmo documentation.

    I’ve concluded that using the online build tool is quicker and easier than formatting a text document.



    Lauren Dillard answered


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