[Solved] Add paragraph drop down answers (longer than one line or sentence)


Currently we are trying a build of a questions and would like to use the dropdown question type to feature multiple choice answers that are longer than one line of text or sentence. The formatting doesn’t seem to account for text longer than the width of the current page. Please see image for example. We need to format the text to fit within the width of the page (as denoted by the red brackets).

Is this perhaps a Javascript function that can be added as a formatting option? HTML word wrap tags etc do not seem to work.

If anyone has an answer or solution to this we would be most appreciative.

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Kate Williams82611 asked

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    Hi there! Just my two cents: there isn’t really any way to successfully format text in dropdown menus in this way. It’s just not a thing (says The Internet, not SurveyGizmo).


    Here’s a forum post with some ideas for workarounds: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2864238/line-break-in-html-select-option

    Caitlin - SurveyGizmo answered

      Hi Sean!

      Thanks for including that screenshot! The HTML <br> tags should help you with this sizing issue. When you did this, did you make sure your “Automatically clean my HTML” option is turned off in your Layout tab? It may be a good idea to test that out, this could be the solution;)


      Survey Princess

      seanalee flaherty answered


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