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How on earth do I change the title of the report from the standard ‘New Summary Report’ to the title of the survey and how do I add the logo. I seem to be doing everything right according to the instructions, but it just doesn’t seem to work.

Lu Phillips46093 answered

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    Hi David!


    I think the issue here is probably a misunderstanding as to when the logo will show and when it won’t. Report logos will not show within the application when you’re looking at your report. They will however show when you download or share your report 🙂

    If you have any other problems specifically please contact support and we’d be happy to troubleshoot your reports specifically.


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    pharlain ross answered

      With the new report, i inserted our logo and the text is not good nor is the image quality so i went to remove it and CAN NOT even though the box says “Remove/Change Image”.  This is very frustrating.

      Lu Phillips46093 answered

        Thanks all. I seem to have got it to work somehow. Not the easiest of processes though!


        David Kett answered

          Thanks for the answer to question 1, which worked perfectly. With regard to adding a logo, I’d already done that and it didn’t work. Tried again and it still doesn’t work. The logo concerned is a very undemanding 8 Kb Jpeg. 

          David Kett answered

            Open the report and click on the CUSTOMIZE REPORT button in the upper right corner.

            Go to the GENERAL tab. The TITLE field is at the top of the page – this is where you can change the report title.

            To place a logo go to the STYLE tab.  SHOW LOGO is the first option on the page.  Click on the CHANGE link to select the logo from your image library.

            Jim Wetherill answered


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