Can I add a link/button to a website that then serves the pop-up?


In typeform, I was able to grab a snippet of code and put in my website to add a link or button that then triggered either a drawer (my favorite!) or pop-up of the survey, so not everyone gets hit with the survey, only those that want to. I switched to surveygizmo because it has awesome question types that I haven’t found anywhere else, but I can’t figure out how to do the equivalent with surveygizmo. is it possible? Here’s what it looks like in typeform:

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    Let me start by saying that if you copy and paste any code from this forum, you need to fix all of the quotes in the code. This forum changes straight quotes to left and right quotes which breaks the code. This is true of both single quotes (‘ ‘) and double quotes (” “).

    SurveyGizmo will generate code for a popup:

    On the Share tab under “On Your Website” click on “Embedded Survey”

    Next click on Popup to get the code for a popup invitation to take the survey.

    This popup will display when the page is loaded unless you make a small modification. If you insert: = “none”;

    right before:


    in the code, then the popup will be hidden to start. You then need to add an element to reveal the popup. The simplest form is a link with the onclick property. For example:

    <a href=”#” onclick=”document.getElementById(‘sg-popup’).style.display = ‘inline’;return true;”>Show popup</a>

    There are lots of modifications you can make from there to adjust appearance and text.

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