[Solved] Add a new question to an already created spps export


On project https://app.surveygizmo.com/builder/build/id/2727607 (Projeto TransCender – VISITA MÉDICA BASELINE) , question ID 175, I add a other write in field. I have an already made spss report called BASE_LINE_BASE_TODA_SPSS. I want to know how can I add this new field to this report, because when I click customize report it does not show this new answer option.

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    Hi Ronaldo,

    You have posted your question to the Community were other SG users do not have access to your account.

    The SurveyGizmo SPSS exports do not currently have the option to ‘add question’. If the other textbox was added after you created the SPSS export, you will need to create a new SPSS Export to include any changes to the survey that were made after the original export was created.

    I hope this helps clarify!

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