[Solved] Add A Logo To Survey Gizmo


Could someone please help me on how to add two logos next to each other to upload as a header? I know we need to use graphic design editor but I do not know how to use that program.

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    The easiest solution is to combine your two logos into one and then just upload it to SG and insert it in the styling of your survey using the logo functionality. This is best as it will ensure that they are consistently shown as you want them in all devices (i.e. mobile, desktop, etc.) and in all browsers dimensions.

    The alternative is that you can use the Custom HTML tab in the styling area for your survey using the html tag <sg-header> but you will have to do a lot of device testing to make sure it looks good in all configurations.

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      • Thanks! Also, if I want to delete the test ones on the survey, do I go to responses and delete each response?


      You can delete any or all responses. Just go to the response tab and click the check box next to each one you want to delete. Or if you want to delete them all, then just go to the bottom of the list and select Delete All Responses. 

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