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Hi, is there a way to keep a survey closed until a specific date/ time? We attach your surveys into our app which are usually attached to specific sessions. Our clients are looking for a way to make the survey unaccessible until a time/ date specified by the admin (typically when the session starts or ends). Do you have an option for this? I know of how to auto close a session, but not open. Let me know if this makes sense, and if you have any solution for this. 


Annmarie Hoskins asked

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    Hi, Annmarie!

    Great question! This is totally a possibility:)

    If you click to edit your tracking link, or email campaign, you can go into the advanced settings and set a link open date and time:) Here is a link to our documentation:

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    Hope you find this well:)

    Take care and have an awesome day!

    Survey Princess

    seanalee flaherty answered


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