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Can a survey build an action plan for the respondent?

Several questions of the following type – For example:

Survey question: Does the policy have a section on protection requirements?

Respondent: No

Action: Add a section on protection requirements to the survey

Date:(respondent to add a date)


Is it possible for survey to send respondent an excel spread sheet with their actions and proposed dates?

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    It sounds like SurveyGizmo should provide you with some options.

    You can trigger a question or piece of text by using Question Logic:


    This way, if the respondent selected ‘no’ you could show them a specific item on the survey.

    While SurveyGizmo does not have a means of sending an excel spreadsheet to the respondent, you can use a Send Email Action to send a the respondent a PDF attachment of their survey responses. Here is more information regarding that:



    I hope this gives you some options!

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