[Solved] Account delete


I want to delete Account , but dont can.

LinnStd asked

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    Hi there,


    I think this question would be best walked through in a ticket so I created one for us to follow up more specifically. If you go to the Account Gear at the top right and head to the Account Summary this option should be on the right side.

    You will want to find “How do I pause billing or delete my account?


    I hope that helps you out !

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      LinnStd answered

        you can ‘ erase ???

        LinnStd answered

          UsersAdd UsersUser NameStatus EmailLast Login LinnStädActive linnstad@gmail.comDec 17, 2015 (02:52 AM) 

          LinnStd answered

            In what way are you unable to do so? What is the error message? Are you the account admin of the account? 讲华语吗?

            Zi Siang answered

              i dont can


              LinnStd answered


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