Do you have the ability to detect international?


Trying to serve up a different from for USA and Foreign countries.  The USA form does not work for international since most do not have 2 digit states.


Please help.  Everyone is freaking out that it is not handling international leads properly.

Jim W (Moderator) answered

    The simplest solution would be to ask your respondents to identify their country.  A simple drop-down type question would be the best choice.  You could then use question logic to make the ‘2 digit state’ question appear if the respondents selects the UNITED STATES (

    SurveyGizmo does have the ability to detect a respondent’s country, but I am not sure that I would rely on it.  When a respondent clicks on a survey link, SurveyGizmo briefly interfaces with the respondent’s browser in order to learn about the operating system and device and adapts the interface to match the device.  Location information is also collected from the browser. This information could be used to identify the respondent’s country, but there are potential problems.  The security settings on the respondent’s browser may not allow location information to be shared. VPNs will also block location information.

    If you decide that you want to use the location information collected by SurveyGizmo, you will have to create elements within your survey to collect, test, and react to the data.  The simplest thing to start would be to create a textbox question, use the LOGIC > HIDE THIS QUESTION option, and place the merge code [system(“country”)] in the DEFAULT ANSWER field.  This creates a hidden question with the respondent’s country as the response. You can then base logic conditions on this information.

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