[Solved] Ability to control the position of the “Additional Instructional Text”



I have a survey and I would like to be able to style it so that the “Additional Instructional Text” can be displayed to the side of the main question and answers so that it can provide clear guidance and additional information to the user. I have a mock up of a question below

I assume that it is a case of updating the CSS styling within the survey if it is possible, but I wanted to know if anyone had done this and if there are any pitfalls to avoid.



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    @Steve : We have a documented workaround for displaying survey elements side by side. You can learn more here:


    Using this solution would require that you use the Text/Instruction elements rather than the Additional Instructional Text field within questions.

    You can learn more about Text/Instruction elements in this tutorial:


    I hope this helps!

    Bri Hillmer
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