Why is it taking over 20 hours (and counting) for initial send on my email campaign?


So I created an email campaign with about 4800 prospective takers. 

I had two issues going forward. First off, the scheduled campaign was not launched on date/time selected. I had to manually Send Now 7 minutes after it was suppose to go.

And now, almost 24 hours later, only 635 have been sent in two batches of 235 and thirty minutes later another 400. I understand that anything over 2000 is broken up in batches but I’m surprised to see in Delivery Statistics, that no new initial sends have gone out since. So far only 23 bounces.

What should I do?

Technology Dept answered

    Thanks Lola. I did email them as the chat feature hasn’t been working in some time (at least in Chrome). I also reached out to my previous SG guru to see if she may know. Come tomorrow, if I don’t hear from anyone else, I guess I’ll just redo the campaign and hope those who already got the invite won’t be too upset with an additional invite. errrgh!

    Technology Dept answered
      Lola Gill 6.97K Rep.

      I can’t say that I have personally encountered this scenario but it seems like that campaign send is stalled in some way – this should have sent all email by now if the bounce thresholds were not met.

      This is something that the SG Support Team will be able to assist with – you can reach out to them via live chat or email to get the campaign pushed through.

      Sorry for your troubles!

      Lola Gill answered


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