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Two questions for you…

1.) If we upload a file that contains information about the person along with email address are links to access the survey able to be personalized for each respondent and in turn is data in the sample file able to be tied back to the respondent in the data file.  For example, if the file contained email address as well as title does the data file contain title (from sample) along with all the responses?

2.) If a grid question is created is there the ability to ask multiple question types within the grid?  For example, we are asking about cars so the first column would ask the person to select which cars they own, the second column would ask the person to fill in how many and the third column would ask the person to enter the model year. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.  Thanks!



Megan Weike asked

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    Hi Megan,


    If you use our email campaign system, you can absolutely track any information that you’ve included in that file. You would want to ensure that your link behavior is set to “everyone gets unique links (can resume partially completed surveys)”. This will generate unique links so that our system can keep track of who’s who. When you run your export, you’ll just want to be sure to check the box to include campaign data. Learn more about link behavior here.


    As for your second question, it sounds like you would want to use the custom table question type. After you build that out, be sure to run some tests to make sure you like how the data reports!



    Chris - SurveyGizmo answered


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