How can i make 1 survey be available to the same individual?


As i need to build the survey in such a way that every time the same individual does it, he gets routed to his survey and thus i am able to study one individual trend. The same survey by the same individual needs to be done many times. So how should i go about doing it?

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    Eeach respondents have a unique identifier which they will need to key in before starting the survey.

    For e.g, I need to study a sleep pattern for each respondents for a period of 6mths. Thus, unique ID participants have to do the same survey on a weekly basis. I will be the one to send them the reminder.

    It is just that in order for us to study the sleep pattern, we must be able to see the trend on a weekly, monthly and the whole duration of the 6mths based on 1 individual. So basically 1 individually is estimated to do 4 surveys a mth x 6mths. The function I have incorporated only allows 2 surveys to be looped. Having to click individually on their unique ID on all the surveys they have done will be a tedious process. So is there any way around to this?


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      You might consider exploring creating a sort of ‘diary’ survey. SurveyGizmo has a document walkthrough on doing this:

      I hope this helps!

      Lola Gill answered
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        It sounds like you want the chosen responses saved each time, so you don’t want the individuals routed to the same response you want them routed to a new response of the same survey. What you need then is a way to tie the responses together after the fact.

        This is seldom an easy thing to accomplish because it requires the individual to have a reliable unique identifier that will not change over time. Email addresses are one of the better identifiers, but these sometimes change over time, so they are not 100%. Giving the individuals a unique ID number yourself would be a good plan if you could count on the respondents to remember or have the ID available at each survey administration.

        The best way to accomplish this depends a great deal on the situation. How are respondents chosen? Should the survey be anonymous? How are the links to the survey going to be distributed? How reliable are the respondents? How much time will pass between administrations of the survey? Etc. 



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